Eternal Sunshine

My crocheted Red Scarf is done and, you know what?  I like it!  Trust me, I would never send a scarf off to OFA unless it was something I’d wear myself.

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Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool
Hook: K (6.5mm)
Pattern: Work a 155-stitch chain foundation. Working back and forth lengthwise, sc in the back loop only until it’s wide enough.
Ravelry: Link to project page.

I soaked it in some Eucalan and then blocked it out to the finished measurements of 7″ x 70″


The stitch pattern reminds me of The Corrugator scarf.

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I just need to make a tag, attach a fast-food gift card, and send it on it’s way. yay!

It’s been bitterly cold here the last few days. So cold, in fact, that my daughter actually asked if I had some mittens she could wear while driving to school.

More than two years ago, I made a pair of Mitered Mittens from yarn I dyed with tumeric. In September 2007, I blogged that they just needed the ends woven in. Guess what? December 2009 and I still hadn’t woven in the ends. They’ve been sitting on a corner of my desk FOR.TWO.YEARS!

Well, the ends are woven in now.  But when I turned the mittens inside out, I discovered that tumeric is not light fast.  :(

Here’s a post showing what the yarn looked like after it was dyed.

And here’s a post with a photo of the in-progress mitten.

Here’s what the mittens look like now:

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Aaah, the power of the sun.

Time To Call In A Professional

After evaluating the state of my WIPs, I decided to join Shannon‘s NaKniSweMo KAL (link to Ravelry).  But first, I’m determined to finish my Sabine sweater which only needs one more sleeve and then a blocking prayer.


I wasn’t really sure what to knit for NaKniSweMo, but Cheryl’s new cardigan planted a seed.  I really want to use stash yarn, though, but couldn’t find anything suitable.

Until . . .

I dug deep into the recesses of the craft room closet and found this . . . .


Sorry, I should have told you to shield your eyes.

What is it? It’s a full hank of Mountain Colors Weaver’s Wool in an eye searing green. The yarn is great, the color . . . well . . . not so much.  So I called in a professional.

I took Anne’s advice and first dyed the skein dark green with some Cushing dye.  Then I overdyed it with chestnut brown Jacquard dye.  The result?


Awesome.  It’s a great color with lots of depth from the lowlights and the highlights.

Now that’s change you really can believe in.

Election Stew

Presidential elections in Utah generally come and go without much fanfare.  I mean, it’s never really a mystery which candidate will win.  And in years, like this one, where there is no Senate race, we rarely see even a single commercial for a national candidate on TV.

So, when my Spunky Club offering arrived in the mail, it qualified as the first and only mailing I received this year about a national election.


It also served as a reminder that I should vote early.

So I did.


Coincidentally, the same day I received a request from a friend to knit her something election-related.

So I did.


Specs on my Ravelry project page.

And right now, I’m cooking up a little election stew.


The results of this dyeing experiment will be tabulated this weekend and announced on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

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