How to repair a leaky faucet in the simplest way

A leaky faucet can definitely lead to a lot of frustration and high water bills as well. However, you can fix this issue if you can identify the type of faucet you have and have the necessary tools at hand.

Step s for fixing a leaky faucet

Here is how you have to repair a leaky faucet.

Step 1:  When you want to repair a leaky faucet then the first thing that you need to do is shut down the water supply that is going to the sink. When you will look under the sink then you will find the handle for shutting down the water supply. Turn the supply in a clockwise manner to shut the water supply.

Step 2: The next step is plugging your drain.

Step 3: Now is the time to determine the kind of faucet you have. For example, if you have a compression faucet then it has about two handles. One handle is for hot water and one for cold water. Most other faucets have a swivelling central arm that can easily be swung from hot to cold. Now the other three main types of faucet are as follows:

  • Ceramic disk faucet consists of a ceramic cylinder.
  • Cartridge faucet has a cartridge. The handle of a cartridge faucet has a decorative handle and can be of varying material.
  • You may find a ball faucet as well and it has a ball bearing.

Fixing a compression faucet Step 4:  Now if you have to fix a compression faucet then you first need to pry off the cap of your faucet. Simply unscrew and the handle can be removed.

Step 5: You need to make use of wrench for removing the nut. You will be able to find the stem underneath that sits on the O-ring top which is on the seat washer top. Now the seat washer has a rubber material and after some time it tends to get worn out so if your faucet is leaking then this may be the cause.

Step 6: Now the stem needs to be pulled out. This will help in exposing the O-ring. If you find that the handles are leaky then all you need to do is replace the O-ring.

Step 7: Remove your seat washer. This will be used for holding in place with the upside down brass screw.

Step 8: It is time to replace the seat washer. Now these washers tend to vary in size so you should take the original one to the shop so that you can easily find the exact match. The replacement needs to be coated with the plumber’s grease before you install it.

Step 9: Now you can simply reassemble every handle.

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Fixing the Cartridge faucet Step 4: It involves the same step of removing the handle. You need to pry off the cap. The handle also needs to be unscrewed and removed.

Step 5: The retaining clip might need to be removed as well. You will find a circular threaded piece that may be holding the cartridge in its place. You can pull it out with the help of pliers.

Step 6:  Now you need to pull the cartridge in a way that it is standing straight up.

Step 7: Make sure that you remove the faucet spout. Next you need to locate the O-ring.

Step 8: Again the O-ring needs to be replaced. A utility knife can be used to remove the old O-ring. The new one has to be coated with the plumber’s grease prior to installing it.

Step 9: The last step is to reassemble your handle. Make sure that you stick to the instructions given for fixing the leaky faucet. If you master this art then you will not need the assistance of a plumber.

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